Colorado State Capitol Free Tours (Weekdays)

Category: Tours Last Updated: Monday, 04 May 2015

The Colorado State Capital is one of the popular Denver Attractions, not only for the well known '5280 step' but also for the free tours inside. 

Why take a Colorado State Capitol tour? I'll give you three reasons:

  • The Colorado State Capital building in downtown Denver allows you to watch our state Legislature in action. As more people take an interest in the workings of our government, this is a great opportunity to see firsthand how the system works. The Colorado State Legislature is in session from early January to early May.
  • The capitol building itself is awash in history and amazing architecture. It was built using Colorado materials as much as possible, such as Colorado gold for the dome, granite walls from Granite, Colorado, and Colorado's distinctive red onyx throughout the interior.
  • The views from the Dome tour are some of the best in Denver!

Just head for downtown Denver and the 16th Street Mall, you can't miss the gold domed building beyond the southern end of 16th street mall. The steps on the western side are the most popular area to enter as the "1 mile above sea level" markers are there. The civic center park area has become very sketchy, expect to encounter quite a few homeless if you walk through the park.

Visitors to the state capitol are allowed to wander the public areas on their own, or you can take one of several guided tours:

Historical Tours:

All about construction of the building and early Colorado history, as well as some of the more interesting artifacts on display within the building. Reservations are not required unless you have a group of 10 or more. Tours are 45 minutes long and are available weekdays except holidays.

Colorado State Capitol

Historical Tour Hours:
10am - 3pm every Monday - Friday


Legislative Tours:

Legislative tours are a popular field trip for Colorado grade school students. When possible, you will make stops in the House and Senate galleries to see the legislature in action. This tour is only for school groups and reservations are required.

Legislative Tour Schedule:
Annually, early January through early May. Reservations are required.

Dome Tours (currently closed):

This tour climbs a long spiral staircase to an indoor observation area with amazing views of Denver.

Dome Tour Hours:
Daily from 9am to 2:30pm. Reservations are required.
Dome tours are currently closed until further notice due to dome renovations.


Mr. Brown's Attic:

This exhibit area illustrates Colorado's history and the legislative process, and includes a hands-on children's area. The attic is open 9am to 3pm on weekdays and reservations are not necessary.

For more information about Colorado State Capitol Tours, visit the Colorado Legislative Council Site: