Celestial Seasonings Tour in Boulder (always free)

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The free Celestial Seasonings tour is a fun way to learn about tea and tea making, while sampling the most popular Celestial Seasonings flavors!  A stop at the Celestial Seasonings tour is a favorite vacation destination if you're traveling to Colorado.


You should know before you go that the weekday tours are quite different from the weekend tours, so you should choose your day according to what you want to see...






Weekday Tours: On weekdays, you have to wear hair nets. The factory is in full production mode with lots of noise, machinery, and workers.

Weekend Tours: The factory is not in operation on weekends, providing an opportunity to see the factory in a quiet state.

You begin the tour by going to the tour area where you receive your "tickets" (free tea samples). You also receive a cup which you can use to sample the day's tea selections. While waiting for your tour to begin, you can explore the art gallery featuring the unique artwork from their tea boxes.



The tours begin with a video explaining how Celestial Seasonings was started as well as their overall philosophy and research process. Next, you tour the warehouse where you can explore teas from all over the world. You visit the true tea storage room which is kept separate from the main herbal tea warehouse. The tour moves on to the mint room, where you enter if you dare, you will see what I mean!

Next you tour the packaging area, if it is a weekday you will see the process in motion. You exit the tour through the gift shop, which has the largest variety of Celestial Seasonings products available anywhere. 

Celestial Seasonings



The Boulder Gunbarrel neighborhood.
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Tour Schedule:
10am to 4pm Monday-Friday
10am to 4pm Saturday
11am to 3pm Sunday

Gift Shop, Sample, and Art Gallery Schedule:
9am to 6pm Monday-Friday
9am to 5pm Saturday
10am to 5pm Sunday

Visit their web site for details: go