Denver Mountain Parks (always free)

Category: Parks Last Updated: Tuesday, 08 March 2016

The city of Denver operates a series of beautiful and diverse parks in the foothills areas west and south of Golden.


Some of my particular favorites:

Red Rocks: When concerts are not taking place at Red Rocks amphitheater, it is open to the public for free. You can wander around the stands or walk on the stage, hike the trails in the area, or visit the museum. However, I can not emphasize this enough: Do Not Climb On The Rocks! It is against the law and the fine is extremely expensive. A lot of tourists think this is a ridiculous law and climb them anyway, what they don't realize is that the rocks at Red Rocks are deceptively easy for unskilled climbers to ascend, but very difficult to descend. This results in quite a few major injuries each year.

Genesee Park: This park is located off of I-70 near Evergreen. There are excellent trails and picnic facilities here, and often there is a buffalo herd nearby.

Lookout Mountain: This park overlooks the Denver metro area from Golden, and features a free nature museum that is great for the kids. We have more info about the museum under Museums and Zoos.

Check the Mountain Parks Web Site for a map and details: go