Wheat Ridge Greenbelt (always free)

Category: Parks Last Updated: Monday, 04 May 2015


The Wheat Ridge Green Belt, also known as the Clear Creek Trail, is a beautiful area in the Denver Colorado suburbs to hike, bike, or just play on the jungle gyms!

This trail system features a paved trail that runs along Clear Creek, beginning in Golden and traveling for miles to the east, sometimes branching off into different trails. By linking sections of trail with sections of road you can bike all the way to the trails in downtown Denver.

As you bike your way through the Greenbelt, you will encounter park after park where you can stop, have lunch, and play on the swings. Wildlife watching abounds on the Wheat Ridge Greenbelt, including Tabor Lake which features views of some rare bird species that nest on the islands.




The best trailhead to park and access the Greenbelt in my opinion is near the WalMart on Youngfield Street. They usually have maps available at that trailhead. The Greenbelt is open every day sunrise to sunset. Some of the parks that the Greenbelt and Clear Creek Trail pass through are, from West to East:

Lion's Park
Parfet Park
Prospect Park
Anderson Park
Johnson Park





The Wheat Ridge Greenbelt and associated trail systems begin in Golden and travel all the way into downtown Denver, as well as branching off into the suburbs. There is park after park along the way where you can stop and go for a walk or unload your bike. If this is your first time on the greenbelt, you might want to start at the trailhead located on Youngfield Street near the WalMart. Just drive along Youngfield until you see the brown park signs near the log cabin. 

Youngfield trailhead location: Youngfield Street near 44th Avenue 


For more Wheat Ridge Greenbelt info:  Check the AmericanTrails.org site: go