Denver Center for the Performing Arts ($10 tickets)

Category: Movies Music Entertainment Last Updated: Monday, 04 May 2015


The Denver Center for the Performing Arts offers a limited number of $10 tickets, every Tuesday morning, for shows coming later in the week.

The Denver Center for the Performing Arts in downtown Denver no longer offers free tickets. However, I still include them in this web site because they offer a system of discounted $10 tickets. Here's how the system works:

At 10am every Tuesday during the theater season, ten seats will become available for every show that week for $10 each. You have to call 303-893-4100 to reserve your tickets, they can no longer be reserved online. You can buy a maximum of 4 tickets per show. Be forwarned though that rarely are the seats next to each other, they are typically single seats that are not selling for one reason or another.

Although no longer free, this is still an excellent deal as shows are often quite expensive. Hopefully more tickets will be available using this system, because using the old free ticket system, I was never able to get free tickets.


All free performances take place in the Performing Arts Complex in the theater district in downtown Denver, along 14th Street near Curtis Street.

Information from the DCPA web site: