Frozen Dead Guy Days in Nederland (Annually in March)

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2014's Frozen Dead Guy Days will be celebrated March 7 through March 9.  The highlight of the event is really the Polar Plunge, where anyone can sign up to take a dive in a freezing pond. Some people do it for the thrill, some do it to raise money for charities, and some are just plain nuts. There is also a coffin race, hearse parade, music, and many other bizarre activities (frozen turkey bowling???). This is one of the most popular things to do in March for front range residents with cabin fever.

This is probably the wierdest festival I've ever heard of, even wierder than Manitou's fruitcake toss or Leadville's ski Joring. Come and learn about the history of the frozen dead guy and observe some of Nederland's finest citizens enjoying a day in the mountains.

Traffic can become a real problem for the small town so plan accordingly. Parking is available on the side streets but getting to them can take a while.

March 7 - 9, 2014

The event is held in Nederland, Colorado (at the top of Boulder Canyon west of Boulder). 

As more people down in town learn about this festival every year, it has grown from a small event for members of the mountain community to a really crowded winter festival for everyone in the front range. If the crowds don't bother you, come check it out:

Frozen Dead Guy Days Nederland Chamber web site:

If you want to learn more before you commit to a trip to the mountains, read all about the frozen dead guy here:

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