Leadville Ski Joring Festival (annually in March)

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The Leadville Ski Joring Festival is one of the truly great annual ski competitions in Colorado. Well maybe not quite up to professional athlete standards, but what professional athlete would ever try this? Skiers are pulled at breakneck speeds by horses and attempt to spear rings that are hanging from the course as they jump over obstacles.


I don't know about you but I couldn't even do one of those things on an ice covered course. Watching athletes bring it all together is absolutely thrilling. The compeition is just as fierce as an x-games and the danger level is as extreme as it gets. The only thing missing is ESPN.


The Leadville Ski Joring Festival is a family oriented festival with many events and activities in addition to the ski joring. It's a 
great way to spend a weekend in the mountains and a must see if you're a ski enthusiast who has seen enough slaloms for one season.


Saturday and Sunday March 1-2, 2014.

Downtown Leadville, Co.

For more information check the Leadville Ski Joring site: