Manitou Springs Great Fruitcake Toss Festival (annually in January)

Category: Festivals & Amusement Parks Last Updated: Monday, 04 May 2015

Colorado is known for it's goofy festivals and the Great Fruitcake Toss is certainly one of the headliners. This Manitou Springs tradition is held every year after the holidays in an effort to dispose of certain unwanted confections you may have acquired.

Some people prefer to launch their cakes by hand but many choose to build elaborate contraptions to give their fruitcakes the send off they deserve. There are various cake launching categories as well as competitions for the best and prettiest fruit cakes.

The 2014 Great Fruitcake Toss festival has been cancelled. Hopefully it will be back in 2015.

In Manitou Springs at the Manitou Springs High School track. 
401 El Monte Place
Manitou Springs, CO 80829.